U-Pack Series – New Injection Molding Machines

Application and expectation of extensional rheology plasticizing system in PET preform injection molding system.

U-PET130E special-purpose preform injection molding machine is a brand-new preform injection molding system, with electric design adapted for the clamping unit. It relizes high-speed mold opening and closing, excellent precision and energy-saving effect.

Extensional rheology plasticizing, processing and molding method is adopted in the pre-plasticizing unit, with advantages of high material adaptability, short thermal mechanical process, excellent dispersive mixing effect, outstanding product performance and other characteristics. Dynamic injection technique is adopted in the injection unit. Dynamic injection effectively reduces injection pressure, shortens the pressure maintaining period, decreases inner stress of the product and the like. Dynamic injection technique reduces energy consumption during the molding process, improves product quality and creates the maximum value for customers.


Main technical advantages

  • Viscosity loss
  • AA value
  • Plasticizing and mixing effect
  • Adding reclaimed materials
  • Structural changes of the injection unit
  • Energy consumption.


>Breaking the technical bottleneck of shortening the thermal mechanical plastic processing process and realizing plasticizing transport mechanism transformation from shearing-rheology mechanism to extensional-rheology mechanism

> Changing the traditional technique of internal-friction and external friction transportation mode and realizing completely positive displacement material conveying of unishaft drive device

> Changing the traditional technique of plasticizing and mixing method dominated by shear deformation and realizing the material plasticizing and mixing process dominated by extensional deformation

> Changing the structural form of conventional equipment with screw as the core and realizing screwless plasticizing transport of short material thermal mechanical process


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