New Product – UNIQUE Preform Optics Testing Device: More accurate, faster and easier for preform quality control

The new device developed by Guangzhou Xunzhi Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd and manufactured by Guangzhou UNIQUE possesses features which are enable the process of preform quality control  to be simpler,  faster and more accurate.

Software system 1


Bi-Telecentric Lens

The device, equipped with telecentric lens of parallel light imaging capacity, with the image processing function of the software, is capable of measuring the bottle dimension and bottle thread, including the thread diameter and angle, bottleneck diameter, lock ring outer diameter and height, guard ring diameter and spacing, support ring outer diameter and height, thread width, thread height and total height, and the measuring dimension data is summarized in the datasheet for display and output with the software.

Drive with Servomotor

The measuring table is designed with servomotor to rotate the measuring bottle at different angles and can take photo and image the bottle with telecentric parallel light source and telecentric lens. It is capable of measuring the bottle warping and bottleneck flashing. The rotating head can be quickly replaced according to the actual bottleneck to achieve precise measurement for bottle dimension, improve the measuring efficiency and precision, and provide the most advanced and fast measuring means for bottle detection and production.

Visual Software System: Powerful software system!


– Image acquisition, reconstruction, analysis and identification;

– One-button software reboot and installation;

– Capable of setting up multiple-product measuring module for the measuring data of different products, the module can be directly transferred for measuring;

– Combining convenient measuring module production, the measuring module en be edited in the software with the 2D image of the measuring object;

– The measuring instrument is installed with the remote control system and features remote operation and maintenance;

– All measuring data is automatically produced in the standard measured datasheet with the algorithm of software, which can be exported by pressing one key or printed with printer; the operation is comfortable and convenient with the 10” touch screen.


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