Our New Technology

Stretching Rheology and UNIQUE

The injection molding part adopts new plasticizing technology, pre-plasticizing part adopts stretching rheology plasticizing processing forming method. This method features good material adaptability, short thermal mechanical course, good dispersing mixing effect, excellent product performance and energy saving. Injection part adopts dynamic injection technology, with this technology, it can effectively drop the injection pressure, shorten the pressure holding time, reduce the internal stress of the product. In the polymer material processing process, this technology can save energy, reduce consumption, improve the product quality, and increase the benefit for client.

What is stretching rheology?

It is a kind of revolutionary plasticizing technology with global invention patent, cooperating with the academician team of Chinese Academy Engineering of South China University, the application of new technology can greatly shorten the material thermal mechanical course, reduce the energy consumption, drop the size of the processing equipment, and it is a kind of new technology to process polymer material which can save energy and drop consumption. With the volume stretching deformation processing forming method, it features high adaptability of material, short thermal mechanical course, good dispersing mixing effect and excellent product performance.

Dynamic injection

Dynamic injection can drop the injection pressure, shorten the pressure holding time, dynamic injection can reduce the residue stress in the product, improve the product quality. The application of dynamic injection can reduce energy consumption for the forming process with good effect in saving energy and reducing consumption.

Multiple storage room

Multiple storage room joint injection achieves high injection volume and orderly injection, thus ensuring the continuous working of plasticizing device.

Low viscosity

Leading Technology

Break the bottle neck of shortening the plastic processing thermal mechanical course, transfer from the shearing rheology based principle to stretching rheology plasticizing transportation principle, change the transportation mode of the traditional technology which depends on material internal friction and external friction, achieves the completely positive displacement conveying of material with single axes drive equipment, change the plasticizing mixing mode of traditional technology dominated by the shear deformation, achieve the material plasticizing mixing process dominated by stretch deformation, break the structure mode of conventional equipment which adopts screw as the core, achieve the no- screw plasticizing transportation of short thermal mechanical course of plastic.